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Like many other websites, LeoVegas Gaming Plc (“We”) and its partners (e.g. third-party service providers, advertising and marketing partners, etc.) may use cookies and pixels when you visit (“Website”) or access the services provided on Our Website.

The aim of this Cookies Policy is to provide the Website users (“You” or “User”) with clarity and transparency on how We collect and use cookies (“Policy”).

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you access websites on the internet.

Cookies help Users navigate around our website and allow Us to tailor the content of our site to fit the needs and preferences of Users.

None of the cookies We use collect your personal information (e.g. names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses) and they can’t be used to identify You as an individual. They typically collect anonymous identifiers associated with your device, browser, referring site URLs, time or usage information, Website preferences and settings, etc. (as further provided in this Policy).

You can find more information about cookies at

2. Types of Cookies we use

We use the following types of cookies on our Website:

Essential Cookies

These are cookies which are:

  • Used only to make our website work properly; OR
  • Strictly necessary for us to provide the services which our users expect

[DC1] - Purpose: Unique tag to identify affiliate for Netrefer
- Content: Unique tag to identify affiliate for Netrefer
- Type: Durable
- Lifespan: 45 days
- First party
- International transfers: No

Expektnrpid [DC2] - Purpose: Marketing Source ID for Netrefer
- Content: Marketing Source ID for Netrefer
- Type: Durable
- Lifespan: 45 days
- First Party
- International Transfers: No

Expektnrbid [DC3] - Purpose: Banner ID for Netrefer
- Content: Banner ID for Netrefer
- Type: Durable
- Lifespan: 45 days
- First Party
- International Transfers: No

Expektnrmeta [DC4]

- Purpose: Used in "postbacks" to help affiliates identify / link reference to their user database
- Contents: Additional IDs
- Type: Resistant
- Life: 45 days
- First Party
- International transfers: No

Key betslip - Purpose: If any odds are added to the coupon, this field is used to retain bet information, what odds ("results"), etc., so that the coupon can be repopulated for returning users.
- Content: Example: {"stakes": [], "couponType": "KambiBC-state-single", "outcomes": []}
- Type: Local storage
- Lifetime: -
- Third party, Kambi, Privacy policy: https : //
- International Transfers: No.

Key retain betslip selection - Purpose: To check whether the coupon should be repopulated for returning users within the same session - if the customer moves around the website.
- Content: Example: {"retainBetslipSelection": false}
- Type: Local storage
- Lifetime: -
- Third party, Kambi, Privacy policy:
- International transfers: No

Key selected outcomes - Purpose: Similar key_betslip but stores only the actual results.
- Content: Example: {"outcomeIds": []}
- Type: Local storage
- Lifespan: -
- Third party, Kambi, Privacy policy:
- International transfers: No

Kambi-localstorage - Purpose: - - Content: -

Kambi-localstorage-all - Purpose: A list of all localStorage items
- Contents: Example: {"id": "all", "key betslip": "{\" stakes \ ": [], \" couponType \ ": \ "KambiBC-state-single \", \ "outcomes \": []} "," key selected outcomes ":" {\ "outcomeIds \": []} "," key retain betslip selection ":" {\ "retainBetslipSelection \": false} "," key user setting ":" {\ "oddsFormat \": \ "decimal \", \ "showOddsChangeOptions \": false, \ "showConfirmationBox \": false, \ "settingsOddsChangeAction \" : \ "oddsChangeReject \", \ "oddsChangeAction \": \ "oddsChangeReject \ ", \" selectedLanguage \ ": \" en GB \ ", \" eventListSort \ ": \" sortByTime \ "}", "key favorites": "[]"}
- Type: Local Storage
-Lifetime: -
- Third Party, Kambi, Privacy Policy:
- International Transfers: No

Key user setting

- Purpose: Stores user settings as odds format, if you want to accept odds changes and so on. Tied to the browser, not a specific user ID.
- Contents: Example: {"oddsFormat": "decimal", "showOddsChangeOptions": false, "showConfirmationBox": false, "settingsOddsChangeAction": "oddsChangeReject", "oddsChangeAction": "oddsChangeReject", "selectedLanguage", " "eventListSort": "sortByTime"}
- Type: Local Storage
- Lifespan: -
- Third Party, Kambi, Privacy Policy:
- International Transfers: No

Key Favorites - Purpose: Used to store favorite events on certain listing pages
- Content: Example: -

__cfduid - Purpose: Zendesk chat - keep track of who the player is - links to play ID - customer support to help with inquiries
- Contents: When writing time: d5368cdfa48ad7e40c03e9af517a4b66e1516265792
- Type: resistant
- Lifespan: 1 Year
- Third Party, Zendesk, Privacy Policy:
- International transfers: The cookie is set by a server in the US

Non-Essential Cookies

These are cookies which are not required for our website to function or behave as the user would expect it to.

These include cookies relating to:

  • Marketing, which gather information about the user’s browsing patterns and behaviour to target them with advertisements which would be more likely to interest them
  • Analytics/ Statistics, which help website owners gather information about users on their website, such as when they first visited the website and/or how often they access it and at what particular time. These also include cookies that log how the user came across the website, using which search engine or other link.

“LocalStorage” - exp-cookie-consent[DC5]

- Purpose: Storing accepted cookies so as not to show the cookie consent box at the next login

- Type: persistent

- Lifespan: 90 days


- Purpose: Optimize how we target our marketing, enabling us to choose who we want our ads to show to a more relevant audience.

- Content: User activity on our website - So we can follow what our customers do. Depending on what the customer does, they are placed in different categories with marketing purposes. For example, a customer who made a deposit is barred from getting any ""new customer"" offers. Our main focus is on the steps related to account creation.

- Type: persistent

- Lifespan: 180 days

- Third Party, Facebook, Privacy Policy:

- International transfers: Yes

Google Adwords

- Purpose: Analysis

- Content: User ID, Search, History, Gender, Age, Interest, Visits, Site Actions - Deposit, Registration

- Type: -

- Lifespan: -

- Third Party

- International transfers: No.

Google Analytics

- Purpose: Analysis

- Contents: Player ID, Username, Email Address, Administrator Rights, Name, Language, Location, Browser and Operating System, Network, Device, Channels, Source, Medium, Campaigns, Site Visits, Payment Provider, Clicked Postcards, Search Queries, Games Clicked, Scroll Depth , deposits

- Type: 1 session, 1 user

- Lifespan: Session cookie expires after 30 minutes. User cookie after 2 years

- Third Party

- International transfers: No.

Google Adform Store latest

- Purpose: Analysis

- Content: Player ID, Deposit Value, IP Address, Cookies ID, Deposit Currency

- Type: -

- Lifespan: -

- Third Party

- International transfers: No.

- Purpose: Attribution and Analysis for apps (tracking where the user comes from and understanding the behavior of the app)
- Content: platform, click time, installation time, media source, country code, city, ip address, wifi or data, language, device name, device type, operating system, event name and time, operator, ad id, device make and model, keywords searched
- Type: Durable
- Lifespan: 30 days
- Third party
- International transfers: Yes, Appsflyer is based in Israel

3. How we use cookies

We use cookies for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to:

· to assist new customers during the sign-up process,

· to allow customers to set Website preferences,

· to allow customers to navigate between pages of the Website more efficiently,

· to run the functionality of the Website optimally and efficiently

· to activate certain features of the Website.

· to gather information about customer/User activity on the Website and to understand how it is used,

· to detect and prevent fraudulent use of the Website,

· to track how customers/Users, arrive at our Website for marketing purposes and to track referrals,

· to deliver more relevant advertising to our customers/Users at the websites and mobile applications they visit

· for research and analytical purposes to see who Users interact with the Website in aggregate

We do not, under any circumstance, sell information collected via cookies.

4. Managing Cookies

If you do not want Websites to place cookies on Your computer or mobile device at all, you can adapt your browser settings as such that you will be notified before any cookie is placed. You can likewise adapt the settings as such so that your browser refuses all cookies, or only the third-party cookies. Likewise, you can remove any of your cookies that have already been placed. Please note that you will have to separately adapt the settings for each browser, mobile device and computer You use.

Without cookies enabled we couldn't guarantee that our website and Your experience of it would be optimal, in some cases you may not be able to log in to your account if cookies are disabled.

It is important to note that different browsers offer differing ways to configure your browser’s cookie settings. The following links provide you with the steps on how to use to erase or adjust cookie file on your particular browser:

Internet Explorer -

Firefox -

Google Chrome -

Safari -

If necessary, consult your browser’s “help” function, or go to your browser’s manual. If you wish to disconnect cookies of specific parties, you can do this through

Please note that We aren't responsible for the content of external websites.

[DC1]Name and use of cookie to be confirmed

[DC2]Same as above



[DC5]confirm changed name

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